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Used Inventory

Inventory list and prices subject to change. Please contact our office directly for the most current pricing. Monday - Friday 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. The information listed is deemed reliable but not guaranteed.

Spec# / File# Year Make Model Engine Passengers Miles Details
24665A 2014 Dodge Ram Primetime 3.6L Gas 10 3,500 View
25131A 2006 Ford Starcraft 5.4L Gas 12+2 127,000 View
25893A 2014 Ford Glaval Entourage 6.8L Gas 28/16+4 14k View
26063A 2002 Chev Goshen Chev 12+2/8+4 26k View
26069A 2010 Ford Ameri Trans 6.8L Gas 21 View